Thursday, March 24, 2016

Committing to Success

Success is not final, failure is not fatal: 
it is the courage to continue that counts. 
Winston Churchill
If there's a single belief that seems almost inseparable from success, it's that there's no great success without great commitment. If you take the time to look at successful people in any field, you will find they're not necessarily the best and the brightest, the fastest and the strongest. What you will find is that they're the ones with the most commitment. "To follow, without halt, one aim: there's the secret of success" - Anna Pavlova 

You see this in any field, even where natural ability would seem to have the strongest hold. What made Larry Bird one of the great basketball players? It wasn't speed, nor was it his jumping ability. He certainly was not graceful, often looking as if he were playing in slow motion. He succeeded because of a great commitment to success. He practiced harder, played harder - he simply wanted it more, and made the most of his skills. Tom Watson's (the great golfer) coach at Stanford once said he marveled at Watson, "I never saw anyone practice harder". It's the quality of the commitment that separates the good from great. 

At 15 a budding actress went to a dramatic school in New York and was thrown out for a lack of talent. Somehow, she always knew she would someday make it as an actress. She didn't give up. She was committed. Her name, Lucille Ball. When she married Desi Arnaz every studio and company said that Americans would never accept a girl like Lucy being married to a Cuban. So to prove them wrong, they put on a Mr. and Mrs. Vaudeville act. They were both committed. I'm sure
you know the rest. 

If you wish to be successful in the markets, first make a commitment to learn everything you can. Start building (if you haven't already) a good library, not only for learning but also for future reference. It sure would be a waste to spend your book money on donuts, don't you think? Seek out and become friends with people who are successful in the marketplace. Learn from them - ask questions. You will be surprised at their willingness to help. They may even learn from you, and they know that. Your questions may jog their memory or spark an idea. 

Successful people are willing to do whatever it takes to succeed. That as much as anything else separates them from the pack. Of course it goes without saying, you do whatever it takes to succeed without harming another person.

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