Thursday, July 13, 2017

Ask Yourself Questions

For true success ask yourself these four questions: 
Why? Why not? Why not me?  Why not now? 
James Allen

It is said that somewhere in that super-computer we call our mind; everything we have heard, seen, felt, thought, touched, and tasted is retained. When we ask ourselves questions, we direct our subconscious mind to search that vast database, attempting to find a solution to a genuine problem, instead of trying to accept self-imposed limitations. Often, the answers are right there, all you have to do is ask! But the way you ask will be telling of the results. You must ask the question as a positive, genuinely and sincerely, while fully expecting to get an answer. 

Be very aware of how you speak to yourself. Learn to change recriminating and reproachful conversations with yourself into questions that direct your focus towards positive change. Beware of questions like "How can I be so stupid? Why is the world so unfair? Why can't I be rich, too? How can anyone treat me so badly?" If you ask questions in this manner your subconscious may well provide answers that have nothing to do with reality, like "Because you are undeserving. Because you were born to lose. Because you are ignorant, worthless, and undeserving." 

If the questions are loaded, they imply acceptance of a negative belief that needs to be

challenged, not reinforced. Questions are so useful in changing the direction of your focus and they are also an essential element of evaluation, and evaluation is the way to get to the root of limiting values and associations that hold you back from achievement. 

If you are aware of how you talk to yourself, what you ask yourself, and what you demand of yourself, you can shift the focus of your mind away from negative associations and toward positive associations simply by consciously changing the tone and focus of the statements and questions you ask yourself. 

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Changing Your MindSet

If you don't know where you are going, 
you'll probably end up somewhere else.
- David Campbell

To be a successful trader over time, you must obtain the mindset; following the rules of your plan is pleasurable and breaking the rules is painful. When you follow the rules, you will still lose money sometimes, and losing money is always a little bit painful. You must convince yourself and understand that the pain is normal and natural; just like the occasional cut you receive. You must become able to accept, on an emotional level, that the pain is unimportant, that it will pass. Success is a process of change, and pain is part of that process.

The essential element of being successful is mastering the art of managing both our mental and physical states. Given adequate knowledge; the problem of changing, of taking effective action, depends on having the right motivation, to act upon our knowledge. Since we know the lack of
motivation; is the result of limiting associations, values, and beliefs, then it follows that in order to begin the process of change, we should examine the content of our minds and isolate those limits?

The objective is to achieve a mental state in which the pursuit of our goals is pleasurable and not pursuing them is painful. The way to change is to unlock your subconscious and discover your limiting associations and beliefs; then to replace those limiting associations, beliefs, and values with new ones that will put us on the path of our choosing. All of the Technical and Fundamental knowledge of the Stock Market will not make you money; if you have deep down inside you - limiting beliefs and values. Those limiting beliefs and values will eventually come to the surface and force you to deviate from your successful plans.

To achieve the changes you desire, there are three basic tools: the physical body, the conscious mind and the automatic workings of the subconscious mind. These three are already working all the time and they behave interactively, either supporting or destroying one another. This is not any easy task by any means. If you are serious about changing, I suggest you seek out other sources, much has been written and spoken about this subject and is available to you if you have the desire to change.